Sunday, May 30, 2010

(Podcast #0) My new blog and it's lonlyness in the world wide web!

(Please listen to my pod cast).
Hi every body. This is ArioLogs Podcast #0. The podcasting of Ario's personal blog "".
Ok. With a new weblog you need to keep track of how many visitors are visiting your blog. And as you may know, Blogger has no default service for doing this, instead of the Wordpress. But a very valuable option that it has, is that you can edit the HTML code of your blog and have your custom layout. So after a search in google about "blogger statics" (I just typed the term in my firefox address bar and it searched in google automatically) and it guided me to this page:
And I signed up in google analytics, and a few steps, and... I created my googleanalytics account to keep track of my blog statics. But after all, when I looked for the first time in the statics report page I saw this tragic page:

All zeros and zeros. No visitors till now!:D
We can make it the most famous blog about life and technology around the world. I mean me and you the gentle visitors of "ARIOLOGS".
(Also please listen to my pod cast).

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