Aario Shahbany - Resume

Ario Shahbani
July 11 - 1985

To have an active participation in industry and scientific and
engineering communities in order to share and grow my knowledge while
creating new ideas in electronics and computer technology that can
positively effect the world.
Bachelor of Science in Electronics (Electrical Engineering)
    Qazvin Azad University – Qazvin – Iran
    Graduated: August 2009
    Electronics Technician
      Shahid Babaiee Institute of technology – Qazvin – Iran
      Graduated: December 2005
      Vocational High School Diploma in Electronic
        Shahid Chamran High School – Qazvin – Iran
        Graduated: Jun 2003
        • PC's Universal Infra Red Remote Controller
        handy remote controller system which to be used for PC's with
        Microsoft Windows® Xp operating systems. With a complete graphical
        user-friendly device driver written in Delphi Language.This remote
        system has 36 different functions with ability to control
        approximately all multimedia functions and mouse and keyboard
        functions in windows environment.

        Kelach Factory – Alborz Industrial City – Qazvin – Iran 
        Title: Electronic Department Engineer 
        Achievements: Participate in installation of POWER TRACK 8000 a Core-less Tilt Induction Iron Melting Furnace of Inductotherm Co. USA.
        December 2009 – Today

        Sepehr Electric Co. Alborz Industrial City – Qazvin – Iran
        Title: R&D Engineer.
        Achievements: Design of digitall controller board for company's next generation home appliance products.
        November 2008 – December 2009

        Lia Lighting Inc. Lia Industrial City – Qazvin – Iran 
        Title: R&D Lab Engineer. 
        Achievements: Improved their already designed CFL ballasts, Also designed a new standard dimmable ballast based on self resonating oscillator and a high voltage BJT Half bridge.
        May 2007 – July 2008
        Shooka Informatics Center – Qazvin – Iran 
        Title: Hardware Center Responsible 
        Achievements: Computer assemblies and maintenance. Installing Windows and Linux softwares and operating systems and computer network configurations.
        Jun 2004 – Jun 2006
        Mehrankit Electronic Parts Supplier– Qazvin – Iran 
        Title: Electronic Technician 
        Achievements: Custom designing of amateur and professional electronic boards, Analog and digital control projects.
        1998 – 2004
        Activities in Computer Software and
        Operating Systems and Visualization
        Installation of Linux and Windows OS's. Installation of Ubuntu, Fedora, BSD, Solaris, and the Bill Gates Windows!, Virtual machines like VMWare Workstation® VirtualBox® And Virtual PC®. 
        Programming Languages
        C, C++, Delphi, Basic. Familiar with Visual C++ and Codegears for windows and Geany, GCC, Glade, and Lazarus for Gnu Linux and cross platform programming. Main programmer and administrator or project Puzzle in www.1delphistreet.com
        Linux scripts
        Python the object oriented scripting language. Programmed a useful utility that converts dates between Gregorian calendar and Iranian calendar called The Jalali Calendar. Designed its user interface using glade, programmed using geany and it sets as an applet in Avant Window Navigator dock for gnome.
        Born Again Shell (Bash) scripting language. Main programmer and administrator of project “AUTOPPP” in sourceforge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/autoppp). This is an open source shell script that automates PPPoE connection in Ubuntu Linux and
        scheduling alternate connections and always checks for stability of internet connection.
        Hardware and Device driver programming
        Skills in programming Serial (COM) and Parallel Ports in windows. Some
        experiences in USB Port programming.
        NAT, Bridged and Virtual Private Networking. Sharing network resources between various Virtual and Real Windows and Linux like Boxes over LAN.
        Activities in Electronic:
        Electronic Induction Melting Furnaces
        Maintenance of Industrial Induction Melting furnaces. Have experienced with Inductotherm Induction melting furnace in Maintenance and even analyzing the whole circuit schematic of Power Track 8000 model.
        Designed a power limiter circuit for this type of furnace which prevents operators to increase power knob more than it considered to be. Designed PCB and schematic of frequently used boards of this model so that we could use them instead of ordering to manufacturer company which takes months to delivery.
        Microcontroller and FPGA Programming
        8051, AVR, PIC and ARM microcontrollers in C, Basic and Assembly languages. Real-Time minimalist microcontroller operating systems. VHDL Language.
        Intelligent Sensors
        Ultrasonic Motion Detectors, PIR, IR Tranceivers, Temperature and Pressure.
        Electromechanical Devices
        Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, DC and AC motors, Magnets.
        PLC Programming
        S5 and S7 PLC Programming Languages.
        Graphical LCD User interface design
        Design of human user interfaces with Monochrome Graphic LCD based on programming driver routines which can run even high performance animations.
        Matrix Displays
        Design, programming and production of multicolor LED matrix displays in Mehrankit – Qazvin.
        Multimedia hands-on-experiences
        Digital Audio Codecs like wave, mp3, AAC, etc. MMC Flash Disks full implementation. Digital Audio Players. Design and construction of an amateur Digital Wave Player and Amplifier with a FAT formatted MMC Flash Card

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